Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Romancing The Coast 2018

Romancing The Coast 2018

I cannot say enough embarrassingly gushy things about this event. It was chill. It was a warm embrace. It was a home away from home. It was AWESOME! I don't know about you but I find social media kinda disconnected. Yes, I've met some great people, but unless you're talking face to face and picking up on non-verbal cues it's all a bit — disconnected. Finally getting to meet them in the flesh was fantastic. I guess I'm old school.
Check out the pics below featuring authors Haley Jenner, Tee Smith, Leesa Bow, and the organiser of the event, Fiona Wilson. Beautiful, beautiful people. I have to make special mention of co-organiser, Mischelly, who makes the best cakes and is ridiculously funny. Thanks also to Emma Schneider who spent the day capturing our memories on camera. Thanks to Mr. Wilson for manning the door, and to Louise for zooming around the room, helping out. I'm sure I've missed people, and I'm sorry if I have, but thank you to everyone who was a part of this event.
The highlight of the day was definitely connecting with readers. The wonderful members of For the Love of Books on Facebook need a special mention because those women are so gorgeous and supportive. They are hard core book world fans and make a special effort to come and say hello at each signing. They make pretty good dinner, after-party, and brunch dates too!
Also, a special mention must go to Bec for making me a calendar girl. I'm Miss May, y'all!
More fan pics can be seen on Facebook and Instagram if you follow me on those platforms.
To everyone who came to see me I cannot thank you enough! You are the best!

Join my reader group for giveaways following the event and for a sneaky peek at my next cover!

Monday, 8 October 2018

Finding Home on SALE!

Do you love sassy heroines who have no verbal filter?
The Coming Home Series follows the stories of the Murphy family and their friends as they discover that home isn't a place, it's a feeling.

Grab book #0.5, Shattered Home, for FREE.
Book #1, Remembering Home, is only 99 cents.
Book #2, Finding Home, is on sale for only 99 cents for a limited time. Or, if you're a member of KU it's FREE!

Shattered Home

Remembering Home

Finding Home

Monday, 27 August 2018

August Series Spotlight & Giveaway

Welcome to the August Series Spotlight & Giveaway 
August 27-31! 

Check out these series. The first book is FREE or 99 Pennies!
Thank you for being loyal readers! To show their appreciation, your favourite authors have come together to offer our series at special prices for a limited time. Download one or all. Maybe you'll find your next favorite author. 

Visit the August Series Spotlight & enter the giveaway HERE!

Monday, 2 July 2018

New Release - Essentially Australian Romance Anthology

Twelve Australian authors have come together to bring you twelve all new novellas. Sci-fi, historical, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary; this anthology has something for all romance lovers out there.

It's available for only 99 cents, but only for a little longer. 
The price goes back up to $2.99 soon, so get in quick!

Monday, 28 May 2018

Memorial Day Hop

Welcome to the Memorial Day Hop & Giveaway, 
hosted by Love Kissed Book Bargains! 
Win prizes from some of your favorite authors, 
plus use this chance to meet awesome new ones! 
Enter on each page for an opportunity to win prizes that are a booklover’s dream. 
Winners will be chosen at random. 
Giveaway is open from 12pm EST on 5/26 until 12pm EST on 5/29. 

The Memorial Day Hop & Giveaway starts here!

Enter the Grand Prize Giveaway to win a FREE Kindle and a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


Em Petrova 

Ja'Nese Dixon 

Black Love Books 

Ella Jade 

Heather L Young-Nichols 

Amanda Roberts 

Leigh Anderson 

Zoey Gong 

Tmonique Stephens 

Lane Martin 

Jeanne St. James 

J.J. Masters 

Kacey Hamford 

Jamie Summer 

Eva Winters 

Bethany Lopez 

DJ Bryce 

Skye Jordan 

Sammi Starlight 

Sam Destiny 

Lyssa Cole 

Tara Wyatt 

Reina Torres 

Holly Cortelyou 

Danyelle Scroggins 

Alyson Reynolds 

Kate Kisset 

Nancee Cain 

Dahlia Donovan 

Tracey Pedersen 

Lola Jamieson 

Love Kissed Cozies 

Author Wendy Knight 

Chiquita Dennie 

D.D. Galvani 

J.M. Adele 

Shelby Reeves 

Brandy Dorsch 

Elizabeth Lynx 

Shelley Munro 

Mary Hughes 

Monique McDonell 

Aliyah Burke 

Mia Kayla 

D.M. Davis 

Jody Kaye 

Roberta Capizzi 

Christina Butrum 

S.L. Sterling 

Lyssa Cole 

Monica Donnelly 

Hilaria Alexander

Michelle Windsor 

Brooke O’Brien 

Dana Pittman 



Brandy Dorsch 

Katrina Marie 

Taige Crenshaw 

McKenna Jeffries 

Talia Carmichael 

Romance with Misbehavior, Mischief, and Mayhem 

Rumer Raines 

Michelle Jo Quinn 

Jami Denise 

Ellis O. Day 

Amy Knupp 

Cecily Wolfe 

Connie Miconi 

Mary A. Nason 

Renea Porter 

Monica Corwin 

Celeste Straub 

C.C. Cartwright 

mary abshire 

Peyton Banks 

Amy B Wells 

A RomCom Kind of Love 

Jennifer Hilt 

Cameron D. Garriepy 

Adrienne Dunning 

Krissy V 

Callie Vegas 

Cin Medley 

April Moran 

Emma Tharp 

Emma Nichols 

Love Kissed Book Bargains 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Weekly Draws!

Hi book lovers.
 It's less than 3 months until the Essentially Australian Romance Anthology goes live and we'd like to thank you for all your support with gifts.

Sign up for the Essentially Australian Romance Newsletter for a chance to win! 

Enter HERE

Prizes Drawn on a weekly basis for FREE eBooks!!!
Amazon Gift Card Drawn on the 30th May!

Cheers and good luck!

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Preorder News

12 books in one fantastic volume from all Aussie authors.

Due for release on July 1st.
The price will go up after release, so don't miss out.

Essentially – [Adverb]1. Used to emphasize the basic, fundamental, or intrinsic nature of a person or thing.
Whether new or seasoned we are Essentially Australian Romance Authors and together we would like to introduce ourselves to the world. Therefore we have come together as independently published writers to create an anthology that we hope will allow you to discover your next favorite author. We know, as a group, we have discovered many of our favorite authors through reading anthologies such as this one and we hope you do, too.

The stories contained in this anthology are basically of a romantic undertone and they vary in levels of heat. Therefore, we hope there will be a little of something between the covers for everyone.

J. M. Adele ~ Ashes & Dust (Paranormal Romance)
Gemma Arlington ~ Faking it! (Contemporary)
Melissa Bell ~ Fleeting Hope (Historical Romance)
J. J. Jarrett~ Outback Lover (Contemporary Romance)
Alidiana DeVoss ~ Luana (Epic Romance)
Kay Maree ~ Petal Mine (Contemporary Romance)
Ann Mickan ~ Empty Nesters (Contemporary Romance)
Kam Newton ~ Playing the Player (Contemporary Romance)
Jefferey Rafter ~ Maroon #5 (Intergalactic Romance)
Jasmina Siderovski ~ Chantele (Contemporary Romance)
Nathan Stacey - Matchsticks & Gasoline (Billionaire Romance)


I was the popular girl. 
A swimming superstar destined for Olympic glory. 
I had it all. 
Until I went to training one morning . . . 
and didn’t come back. 

Lanie Howard’s world is rocked to its core when her sister, Shiloh, suddenly shows up weeks after vanishing. Disheveled and disoriented, Shiloh has no recollection of her ordeal. 
The girl who returns is a distilled version of her former self. 
She’s acting weird. 
Something isn’t right. 
Her eyes . . . 
Her screams . . . 
There’s something dwelling inside. 

Exactly who, or what, came back from the unknown? 

Shiloh’s sister is determined to find out when a formidable stranger crosses their path, casting a sinister shadow on their efforts. There’s more to him than meets the eye. 
Peeling back the cloak of mystery surrounding Shiloh’s disappearance reveals an evil underbelly that's best left hidden. 

Some things can't be unseen. 
Will they put an end to the evil before it ends them? 

*Recommended for 18+ due to adult language and scenes. *


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