Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Christina Lauren - Beautiful Secret - Book Review (ARC)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2015.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Length: 400 pages.

Book 4 in the Beautiful Bastard Series (not including novellas). The story of Ruby Miller and Niall Stella, Max’s younger brother. (I really hope we get to meet all the Stella siblings.)

Niall has recently freed himself from a marriage lacking affection. Another relationship is nowhere near his radar.

It shocks him when he spots engineering intern, Ruby, eyeing him lasciviously across the conference table. Within days, they’re flying across the Atlantic to spend a month attending conferences and working in New York.

Now that he sees Ruby, he finds the temptation of her nearness excruciating.

Niall is so buttoned up and locked inside his own head. His excessive loyalty and inexperience with relationships turn him into a bumbling fool.  

Ruby is expressive, vibrant, intelligent and patient. She draws him out and pushes him to be better. It’s a revelation for Niall, to be with someone who talks everything out.

Reading a Christina Lauren book is a visceral experience. I felt this even more so with Beautiful Secret. Probably because Niall and Ruby have so much of a struggle to get their HEA.

Every sentence paints a picture and drops you into the characters’ world. Their trademark humour paired with a depth of heart makes for a killer combination. If I want to read a book again, immediately after I have finished it, I think it deserves 6 flares.

I bow down in the child pose at their feet. Sorry for gushing, but it is what it is - brilliant!


The Flare Up

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