Tuesday, 12 May 2015

C.L. Parker - Playing Dirty - Book Review (ARC)

Publisher: Randon House Publishing Group, Bantam, 2015.
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary Romance.
Length: 236 pages.

Oh yeah. This book is goooood.

Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews hate each other’s guts. Cassidy thinks Shaw is a playboy given a free ride to the top. Shaw thinks she’s a frigid ball-breaker with a stick in an unmentionable place. These top sports agents work for the same company. They’re supposed to be on the same team, but they bring out a competitive streak in each other that’s about to get fierce.

Their bosses are pitting them against each other to win the contract to represent star quarterback, Denver Rockford. Whoever gets Rockford to sign also gets a partnership in the firm.

These two take competition to another level, willing to play dirty to get the deal. I mean, holy hot sex up against the wall in the rain. He asks her if she’s afraid of heights! I’ll let you figure out that one on your own. *fans self*

Cassidy is a control freak in need of someone to take over the reins for a while and give her some reprieve, but she also needs to be cherished and adored.

Shaw has had to be cunning and self-reliant to get where he is. He’s used to going without to get where he needs to be. What he’s not used to, is having his wants and needs hijacked by a woman.

They’re overflowing with determination to prove themselves and adamant in their denial of any feelings below the surface. The push and pull between them is highly entertaining. It’s all about getting points on the board and gaining an advantage over the other, until it threatens to become more.

What a fabulous bunch of supporting characters. So many interesting personalities I hope we’ll get to know more about.

Aargh, the cliff-hanger. I am extra thankful for this because I want more! This book is funny with the heat level set to sizzling. I can’t wait to read on.

5.5 flares

*ARC generously provided by publisher through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.*



  1. Cliff hangers can be so enraging! Nicely done review!

    1. Helloooo Steph. Thanks for the compliment. We have to wait until November for Getting Rough. *whimpers*


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