Friday, 5 June 2015

Jessica Clare - One Night With A Billionaire - Book Review (ARC)

Publisher: Hachette, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 304 pages.

One Night With A Billionaire is the sixth book in the Billionaire Boys Club Series from Jessica Clare. She definitely kept me turning the pages.

Kylie Daniels meets billionaire entrepreneur, Cade Archer when she goes on tour as pop starlet, Daphne Petty’s makeup artist. Cade and Daphne have known each other since they were children. They love each other and Cade thinks he might want more, but their relationship is tumultuous at best. Daphne has changed for the worse; too busy touring, partying and taking drugs to give Cade any attention.

After drinking his way through a night of watching Daphne make a fool of herself, Kylie kindly offers to ensure Cade gets home safely. He had spent the night watching her too, her vibrancy and her curves enticing him all night. They end up having one lustful night together. Kylie never expects to see him again, but Cade keeps coming back for more.

I was relieved that Cade finally realized Daphne was not the one for him. Cade has a generous spirit and so much love to give. He is loyal to a fault, continuing to care for his friend through years of her pushing him further and further away. Daphne is incredibly lucky to have him as a friend, but he needed to back away in order for her to wake up. The turmoil of watching Daphne’s addiction progress and destroy everything in its wake was sad to read.

I loved Kylie. She’s on the larger, curvy side and she’s insecure about it, but she maximises her assets instead of hiding her beauty. Cade sees her and thinks, ‘va va voom, can’t wait to get my hands on her,’ something she finds hard to believe considering he wanted to be with the skinny pop star.

Kylie risks losing her job if Daphne finds out about Cade and Kylie dating. Her greatest fear is becoming a burden to anyone. She has financial troubles and Cade has money she wants nothing to do with. Cade has to teach her that where there is love the word burden does not apply.

This story lingered in my mind after I had finished. I thought Kylie and Cade were the perfect match. They both have soft hearts and a steel resilience. The chemistry between them jumps off the page.

I really hope we get to read Daphne’s HEA.

A highly enjoyable read.

4.5 flares.

*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review*


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