Wednesday, 22 July 2015

M. Clarke – My Serenity – Book Review (ARC)

Publisher: M. Clarke, 2015.
Genre: New Adult.
Length: 245 pages.

Seth Stewart fell in love with his sixth grade sweetheart, Josie, then one day she just disappeared. He’s never been able to forget her, subconsciously unable to stop himself comparing other women to his lost love. None have ever measured up, not that he’s had many.

The summer after his father’s death Seth returns home from college to help his grieving mother and to manage the family businesses. He’s only been back a week when he is welcomed back to town by a brunette beauty cutting in front of his lane and then flipping him off. Later, he’s shocked to discover it was Josie. His Josie, and she’s his friend, Lexy’s new roommate. 

Josephina Anders is trying to piece her life together after escaping her possessive ex and having a difficult start in life. She has things in her past that she’d rather stayed in her past. When she sees Seth again all the old feelings return, amplified to a new level. Can she risk taking a chance at happiness or will she be dragging Seth into a mess he doesn’t deserve and couldn’t possibly understand?

I read this series out of order and I think it impaired my ability to connect with the characters when I was reading My Serenity. So, I went back and read it again. I recommend reading My Clarity first.

Seth is a quiet sort, not the kind of guy to be a ‘player’ or the centre of attention. He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders; busy looking out for his family when he too is internally grieving. His friends are there for him. He looks up to Elijah in particular, their relationship more brotherly than friends. He keeps mentioning how much better with the ladies and how much cooler Elijah is. It’s not from jealousy, though, he’s simply stating their differences and his reasons for looking up to Elijah.

Josie is a compassionate soul. She has endured as awful childhood, but has the intelligence and maturity to separate her feelings from her mother’s behaviour. She doesn’t want to open up to Seth about her past struggles and this holds their relationship back.

The author uses flash back scenes to fill in background information on the different relationships between the characters. It slows down the pace, but allows us a glimpse into Seth’s father’s influence on the group of friends and tugs our sympathies for Seth and Josie’s tragedies.

The excitement ramps up for the climax, adding action to the mix. 

A sweet second chance romance and entertaining read.

3.5 Flares

*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*


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