Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Lauren Blakely - Sinful Longing - Book Review (ARC)

Publisher: Lauren Blakely Books, 2015.
Genre: Erotic romance/ romantic suspense.
Length: 300 pages.

Lauren Blakely delivers the perfect balance of intrigue, suspense and sizzle. The book almost went up in flames! Pull up your skater socks to prepare for this one.

Colin Sloane’s ‘what if girl’ is Elle Mariano. She’s smart, sexy, generous and caring, but she won’t give him anything more than a blissful moment of shared pleasure here and there. It’s not enough. Colin wants into her life, and he’s going to get to her heart through her body. 

Elle is powerless to resist the gorgeous tattooed bad boy. She has her life sorted, and there’s no room for a relationship with a man who has a past. The kind of past she can’t deal with, again. Will she be able to conquer her fears? And will outside forces prove to be too detrimental to a relationship between the two?

I admire Colin’s strength and determination. He pushes his body to its limits to keep the cravings at bay. His craving for Elle is one thing he’ll gladly indulge in any chance he gets. He knows why she can’t be with him, but he reads her body loud and clear and she wants him as much as he wants her. Colin uses all his resources to show her that he’s trustworthy, and will be there for her through anything.

Elle finds it hard to trust. Understandable, given her past. What I love is that she chooses to trust. She takes a leap of faith in many areas of her life, and it’s uplifting to read. Elle owns her quirks and her kinks—including a sock fetish. When she winds up between a rock and a hard place, she maintains her dignity and chooses to put others first. What a fantastic couple these guys make!

The intrigue and suspense slowly builds until a twisted tale is revealed. Very clever! This series continues to be a compelling, thrilling, smoking hot read. And there’s another one coming in March. Hooray! 

5 flares.

*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*


Have you read any Lauren Blakely books? 
Which one is your favourite?

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