Tuesday, 3 November 2015

M. Leighton - Tough Enough (book #2 - Tall, Dark, and Dangerous Series) - Book Review (ARC)

Publisher: Berkley, 2015.
Genre: Romantic suspense.
Length: 336 pages.

Tough Enough is the second book in the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous Series, and oh so deelisheeeous. I think I might have liked this even better than the first.

Katie Rydale works as a make-up artist for a studio in the small town of Enchantment. She's retreated from the glitz and glamour of LA, but hasn't left the industry completely. It's a compromise that works for her until she has to do make-up for one Keifer Rogan. MMA champion and rising star in Hollywood. She expects him to be attracted to her blond goddess friend, but his eyes lock on hers and hold her captive. She has a feeling that her quiet little world is about to be shaken up.

Rogan knows his time as an MMA champ is limited. When his agent suggests doing a cable series, he agrees. Meeting shy Katie is a definite perk of the job. He's had his fill of Barbie dolls, now he wants some spice. She's not impressed by him, but he is mesmerized by her. He recognizes something in her that he sees in the mirror every day. Rogan makes it his mission to get her to open up, but what he uncovers may put their future in jeopardy and inflict more pain on the woman who's had enough to last a few lifetimes.

Keifer Rogan had me at, “Mornin', ladies.” What a delicious, delicious man. He spots Katie after overhearing her bad mouthing him and he's hooked. I love it! The smouldering looks and the determined chase, it's so irresistible. Couple that with the fact that he’s ex Black Ops and embroiled in a race to find a killer before another of his team can be targeted, and you have a stunning page turner.

I found myself wondering about the other characters we met and the loose ends from Strong Enough. The suspense in the story doesn't factor hugely until the last few chapters, and then a whole lot of things happen in quick succession. The love story had to develop independent of this for it to work, so it all came together beautifully. I loved the unexpected twists, they’re always a draw card in an M. Leighton book.

Once again, I’m left begging for the next instalment, Brave Enough, out in April, 2016. Could Tag be the most compelling of them all?

5.5 Flares.

*ARC generously provided by the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.*


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