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Fixation Friday - Featuring Kirsty Dallas!

Hello! I'm super excited about today's Fixation Friday Feature. Today we're welcoming author, screenwriter and mum extraordinaire, Kirsty Dallas, to The Flare Up. She has a new book out and she has kindly shared a little insight into her story world. 

"Cinderella meets Mad Max." 
Are you interested? You might just be blown away...

Grab it today for only 99 cents. Release weekend only!

When Nothing Is All You’ve Got
Genre: Adult Dystopian Romance
Release Date: April 15th

“Move like the wind, protect your face, keep your eyes on the target, and don’t get dead.”

I am the daughter of a King,
but I am no princess.
I am loathed by many,
but feared by more.
To one I was nothing,
to another I am everything.
I am a pawn in their game,
a fighter in their ring.
My name is Nada,
and this is life in the underworld.

Kirsty tells us more about the world where When Nothing is all You've Got takes place.

My back catalogue is eight books long, and changing the genre for my ninth book has been as effortless as breathing. I love reading dystopian, fantasy and paranormal, and I loved writing it just as much. For someone with a vivid and non-stop imagination, I was able to sink into the words, re-inventing our world, and adding a chaotic and violent twist to it, I just can’t wait to do it again!

When Nothing Is All You’ve Got takes us into a future America, one that has crumbled under war. In an effort to take back control, the leaders bring in a zero tolerance on crime. No longer is the law many hazy shades of grey, it is black and white…right or wrong. Regardless of whether your crime was committed with intent, by accident or in defense, you will be sentenced to life in the underground prison system. The entire book takes place in one of these prisons, where people trade for the most basic of necessities, the inmates fight and kill, and one man rules with ruthless precision. In this world you will be introduced to this leader’s daughter, a woman whose life sentence to this world was because she was birthed there, not delivered there by way of crime. This story is dark, filled with violence, lust, chaos and most surprisingly, some beauty.

"This book is Cinderella meets Mad Max, and I seriously believe it will blow some minds."
Spotlight on Kirsty

Howdy! My name is Kirsty Dallas, and I am a mother, daughter, sister, write-a-holic, and closet ninja… Well, I wish I was a ninja, however my ninja skills mostly suck, I’m basically too lazy to stalk, skulk, and scramble. I write romance, in the sub-genres contemporary, comedy, and most recently, dystopian. 

I’ve been writing since I was 14, and it took the careful mentoring of graphic board artist and author, David Bryan Russell, to push me over the line from hobbyist, to professional writer. It hasn’t been a breezy easy four years, it’s been hard work, dedication, frustration, tears, many, many hours in front of a computer screen, and the challenge of juggling motherhood, and a part time real day job. But it’s absolutely worth it. The passion I feel for writing, the need to create, explore and leave my mark in the literary world completely outweighs any negativity. 


The multi-talented Kirsty also told me that she recently delved into screenwriting. 
In collaboration with director/ writer, Chris Sun, Kirsty has written the script for the horror/slasher film, Boar. Starring John Jarrett from Wolf Creek fame, the release date for Boar is yet to be announced. 
Kirsty is also hoping to work on her next screen writing project, House For Rent, very soon.

I had to ask more...

How did you get into screenwriting?

Chris Sun is an Australian Screenwriter and director who I met online about four years ago. I went to the premier of his first film, Come And Get Me, and had the opportunity to meet Chris in the flesh. We’ve been buddies ever since, with a common interest in creative writing and horror. Chris approached me to help him work on his first novel, ED, a horror story about a psychotic, narcissist who believes he has the now dead serial killer Ed Gein, communicating with him. We had such a great time writing together, that shortly after Ed was published, Chris approached me to work on his film, Boar.

How was the experience of writing as a team rather than working on an individual project?

I loved working in a team. Writing can be such a solitary journey. You write something that blows your mind or get an idea that knocks the wind out of you for a moment, and…you have no-one to share that with. Writing with Chris was hilarious. He has a great sense of humour, a wicked imagination and having someone to bounce ideas off worked for both of us.

Why horror? Which film or book made you think, "Wow, horror is the bomb."?

I’ve been a closet horror fan forever! My first ever horror movie was a 1963 B-Grade horror called The Crawling Hand, which I snuck out of bed to watch, and had to peek around the couch my parents were sitting on for the entire 84 minutes. I think was about ten or eleven. My next venture, with my parents knowledge *winkwink* was A Nightmare On Elm Street, followed by the rest of the Freddy Krueger franchise, The Fly, Childs Play, Friday the 13th, Scream, anything Stephen King and the list continues. The absolute shock factor, adrenaline rush and scare from horror is addictive for me. When the bad guy wins, I’m like “NO FREAKING WAY, THAT WAS AWESOME!” Wolf Creek would have to go down as one of my favorites. It’s Australian, stars the Play School legend John Jarrett, and it definitely has that shock factor!

Do you prefer screenwriting or writing novels? Or is it fantastic to change things up between the two?

I love writing novels. You can go deeper, take your time to explore characters, stretch a story out over hundreds of pages. A script is MUCH shorter. Approximately 90 pages to be exact. The description is far less, and you have to trim your words right back. I love both mediums though, they possess different challenges and it’s cool to be able to mix things up and have a break from the long process of a novel. Chris Sun and I wrote Boar in about 4-5 weeks, whereas my latest novel, When Nothing Is All You’ve Got, set me back about 4 months.

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Kirsty Dallas grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. There, she traded the ocean and her bathers for pajama's and a computer when she embarked on writing professionally in 2012. Since then she has developed a wicked computer tan that would put Casper the Ghost to shame, and has highly toned her skills in describing the outside world…WITHOUT EVER GOING THERE! She writes comedy, contemporary and dystopian romance, and has a closet horror fetish, Leatherface...*shivers*, which has seen her embark on joint projects in the literary and film world with Australian Director and screenwriter, Chris Sun. Kirsty is now a best-selling and award winning author who loves to hear from other literary enthusiasts, so feel free to stalk any of her social media pages.

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