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Fixation Friday - Featuring Adele Jones! #FixFri

Hello to all on this fabulous Fixation Friday. Books are my fixation and today we're talking to Adele Jones about her awesome YA, thriller series. I met this lovely lady at Readers and Writers Down Under (RWDU) where she told me all about her books, in particular, her character, Blaine. I'm a bit of a science geek, so this one definitely peaks my interest. Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!

I fell into young adult fiction. Truly, I did. I was minding my own business penning historical maritime romance, when this fascinating premise came to mind. I let it sit for a time, busy with other projects. Then, March 2013, Integrate took form. As they say, the rest is history ... Actually, history’s what I was writing ... The rest is crime-techno thriller. J

Since my genre switch, I’ve had to learn a lot about YA. Through this I’ve become quite the YA fan—as a reader and writer. (Because reading YA makes you eternally youthful, right?) Seriously, most of the books I’ve picked up have been well written and fast-paced, with great storylines. Young adult characters, as in real life, also have incredible potential. Their whole life’s before them—unless they’re like my main protagonist, Blaine Colton, who nearly dies with alarming frequency. But he’s got such tenacity, attitude and all those other amazing, spontaneous and frustrating traits of a young person, that I can’t help liking him. And his personal struggles are familiar ones—for us all.

Okay, so we’ve not all had our lives saved from a genetic disorder by revolutionary gene therapy. That said, we’ve all doubted our self-worth at times; been betrayed; wondered if that person we really REALLY like, might like us back; while figuring out our beliefs and values, along with where we fit in this world. For Blaine this is tough. The guy’s late teens and, for the first time in his life, able to make choices for himself. When you meet him in Integrate, he’s also being held against his will as an illegal GMO. (‘Genetically modified organism.’ Sorry, that’s my science geek side sneaking out ...) So life isn’t all peaches and kitties.

One thing I like most is Blaine’s capacity to fight back. No matter what the odds. And now we’re on the verge of the third and final book in the trilogy. (Activate is coming soon!) But I must admit I’ll be sad to say goodbye to some gorgeous characters. Further, does Blaine get the girl? Does he manage to outsmart the evil forces against him? Does he stay alive? I’d love to tell you all about it, but that’d be a real spoiler ...

What I can say is there’s a freebie to be had! I’m giving away one free copy of my latest release, Replicate. All you need to do is enter your details below to be included in the draw. If the winner’s an Aussie resident, they’ll have a paperback copy mailed to them. If they’re an international resident, an e-version of the novel will be theirs.

Thanks heaps for hanging out and a BIG thanks to J.M. Adele for hosting me. It’s been fun.

Thank you Adele! I need these books. Now! I hope you all enjoyed that look into Adele's books. Go grab yourselves a copy.
Blaine Colton is pulled into a chilling conspiracy when he discovers embryonic clones with his name on them.
Suspecting the research has breached ethics agreements, he brings close friends, Sophie and Jett Faraday, in on a scheme to find answers. Immediate threats reveal not everyone is happy about his discovery. The reappearance of an identity from Blaine’s past unsettles him further, and then a crisis fractures his world. Convinced his research objections and the tragic events are linked, Blaine pursues justice. But someone is watching him. Someone wants him dead.
Replicate continues the story of Blaine from Adele Jones' Integrate.

Grab it from Rhiza Press - Replicate

And don't forget to grab the book that started it all, Integrate.
Trust the science - unless your life depends on it.
Blaine Colton had been handed a genetic death sentence until revolutionary gene therapy changed his life. Living a relatively normal existence, he is called to an unscheduled post-treatment appointment just weeks before his eighteenth birthday. Informed that his life saving procedure was never approved, he is held against his will for his status as an apparent illegal GMO. Subjected to constant testing, refused contact with his parents and deprived of life sustaining medication, Blaine begins to suspect that something is wrong. Wanting answers, he escapes the Institute and ambitious Chief Scientist, Dr Melissa Hartfield. Now a fugitive with a failing body, Blaine must find Professor Ramer, the developer of his therapy. But the Professor has vanished and time is running out. Fast.

Grab it from Rhiza Press - Integrate 

One copy of Replicate
AUS - Paperback
INT - eCopy
Adele Jones is an award winning Queensland author. She writes young adult and historical novels, poems, inspirational non-fiction and fictional short works, along with juggling family responsibilities and a ‘real job’ in the field of science. Her writing explores issues of social justice, humanity, faith, natural beauty and meaning in life’s journey, and as a speaker she seeks present a practical and encouraging message by drawing on these themes. 

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