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Fixation Friday - Featuring Anita Gillham

Welcome to another Fixation Friday! Hot bikers are the flavour of the day with our visitor this week, Anita Gillham. Book four of the Break Series is coming soon. Check out the interview with Anita, and don't forget to enter the MASSIVE GIVEAWAY at the end!

Hi Anita. Thanks so much for joining us here on The Flare Up.

You currently have three books out in your MC romance series. With a novella and book four planned. How many books will the series have, in total?

I do, they are Break Down, Break Open and Break Through. The next book was supposed to be a novella but there was too much to fit into one, so the novella is now book four.

At the moment I have seven to eight books planned. I think it just depends on the characters and if they talk enough to have their own book or they are happy to have their journey told alongside another character.

How did you come up with the MC nicknames for your characters?

I thought of tools, and things and then thought of a meaning behind the road name. For example Maps – he’s the road captain so it fit for his name to be Maps. Saint on the other hand, he was named after a saint so that’s how he got his name. I have heaps of fun coming up with them.

Which MC club is your favourite? Satan’s Scoundrels or Chaos Crusaders?

This is hard to choose but it would be the Chaos Crusaders. It was the first club and characters I plotted and I guess they’ll stick with me forever.

If you could cast the actors for your main characters: Zeke, Asha, Vince, Cassie, Tilly and Maps; who would they be?

Zeke – Theo James

Asha – Kat Dennings

Vince – Travis Fimmel

Cassie – Rose Bryne

Tilly – Isla Fisher

Maps – Jai Courtney with his hair dyed a dark brown and with the rough look he had in Divergent. :-)

Will you continue with the MC subgenre for the standalones you have planned?

No, they won’t, not at this stage at least. I do have another four book MC series planned, but that will be all of them…for now, anyway.

You deal with some heavy themes in the Break Series. Did you find that you wanted to shy away from writing the darker side of life, or did you throw yourself into it?

I love to throw myself in the deep end, (laughs.) I decided to go for it. I really liked writing those scenes. I always think, life isn’t always rainbows so I can’t write about them.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in your writing career so far?
Finding the time to write in between family, work and studying. I never thought it would have been as difficult as it has but studying really throws everything out of whack. If I’m writing but I’m thinking about study, I have to get some study done even if I need to reach my self-set deadline. The same thing happens if I’m studying but all I can think about is a scene in my book, I need to write instead.

What’s the one thing that has helped you the most through this journey?

First would be my husband because without his encouragement, I would have most likely stopped after my first bad review. Second are those people I’ve met along the way, readers, other authors and bookish people in general. Kind words, encouragement, or just them sharing a moment they remember from your book that you totally forgot about but it brings out the feelings of why I write in the first place.

If you didn’t write romance, what other genre would you be writing?

I think suspense and crime. I do try to throw a bit of that into my stories because it’s a genre that I love to read and write. I would also love to give paranormal a go one day.

What book or author has been your biggest influence?

I would have to say Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series; I love the comedy and the bits of suspense. In general though, I just absolutely love that her writing and stories capture you from the beginning and hold you all the way through until the end, where you are left wishing you could experience it all over again. Also Tillie Cole, just like Janet her writing style and stories have me hooked from the start and going on such an emotional journey that sometimes I’m not sure if I want it to end right there or never stop.

Thanks so much for having me, Jen.

You're so welcome, Anita! Thanks again for being my guest. 
Now about the series...
Zeke Cross

A devious plan set forth by his father is about to change his future. As vice-president of Satan’s Scoundrels he owes his allegiance to its president, his father. A man on a mission he doesn’t believe in, honor bound to his father and his club.Sexy as sin, Zeke Cross is about to cross paths with his destiny. 

Asha Rowe

Beautiful and carefree, the Chaos Princess has no idea what’s in store for her when she and her friends decide on a road trip. Her friends have been through a lot the past few months, little does she know that being the little sister of the president of the Chaos Crusaders may throw her into her own personal hell. 

Two MCs.
A devious plan.
A twisted turn of events. 
An unexpected love. 
Everything can change in an instant.
Nothing lasts forever.
Can Zeke and Asha make it through the Break Down?


Perfect, they think they are all safe. Little do they know, the sins of the fathers are passed down. Now is the time for retribution.


He took me, he stole my heart, I fell in love with him, and he betrayed me. Deep in my soul, love, sadness and anger linger, right along side the heart that still beats for him. I want to forget the feeling of my heart and body exploding with happiness, only to break open with sadness and betrayal. God knows I made it through the break down, only to come out on my own, almost. I’ll pick myself up, dust my shit off, and hold my head up high, even if I struggle each and every day.


I took her, she stole my heart, I fell in love with her, and I betrayed her. I let her down, she took my soul with her, I let her get away. Not this time. I’m coming for her, I’m letting the truth be known, she is MINE! She just doesn’t know it, yet.

We Break Down
Our Hearts Break Open
One Day we will Break Free
Our struggles will never keep us down, Sweetheart. They will only set us free.


The rough, rugged, down right sexy, president of the Chaos Crusaders MC has had a rough year. His family and club have been through hell, but things are finally starting to look up for Vince, except for one small thing, Cassie. She’s been in love with him forever, but he pushes her away after a roll in the hay, telling her it is a one-time hook up. In his own sweet time, after nearly losing her to a psychopath, he finally figures out that he wants more than a quick romp in the sack with Cassie. How in the world will he convince her, he’s changed his mind and wants something real with her? Just when he thinks life is back on course, a detective with a grudge threatens to mess with Vince and his club. New problems arise; can Vince and his club handle the new threat?

Can Vince break through to Cassie’s heart in time?


The once shy, beauty has had a year of heartache and loss. The acts of a crazy man blew her world apart, taking the lives of her friends and nearly the life of her best friend. After Vince tosses her aside, she tries to avoid him, not an easy task when he’s her best friend’s brother. Having moved on after Vince shattered her, she finds it difficult to believe his pursuit of her is real.

Can she believe his change of heart?
And coming soon...

Assumption is a dangerous thing to have.


He assumed it was once again safe to breathe easy. It’s been quiet for six months, the new club has been built, and he has the woman of his dreams. Life is perfect or is it? When an unexpected accusation brings Zeke to his knees, he holds all the weight of it on his shoulders. He fought tooth and nail to have Asha in his arms, and there’s no way he’s going to let her slip through his fingers.

Can a relationship that was paved in lies and deception ever truly end with a happily ever after? This is the question Zeke Cross asks himself every day.


Is about to get the happily ever after she’s been longing for, or is she? All around her lies and deception are spreading like flames in a bushfire, but she has no clue until one fateful day.

What will happen when the truth comes out? Will Asha be able to forgive the man she loves, or will she let it break them forever?

The truth will let you break free from the tethers that bind you.

A.M. Gillham is giving away a signed copy of Break Down AND 2 Kindle sets of the first 3 Break Series books! Enter below.

So a little bit about me - I am a mum of three beautiful, yet full on kiddies, and a wife to an amazingly supportive husband. I live in a small town in North Queensland, Australia. I love spending time with my family, reading, writing and the occasional glass of wine. I'm addicted to peanut MnM's; my husband is always threatening to hide them on me, LOL!

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