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Fixation Friday - Featuring Susanne Bellamy

Hi all and welcome to another Fixation Friday! We're getting our country on today with a new release from Susanne Bellamy. She joins us to tell us all about the evolution of her rural romance series, Hearts of the Outback
And there's a GIVEAWAY!!

I fell into rural romance by chance. It sounds crazy to say that aloud but it happened like this . . .

I was invited to join a group writing venture called A Bindarra Creek Romance. All the stories were to be set in the fictional town of Bindarra Creek and were to be released, one a month, for thirteen months. I loved the concept, and the organisation by S.E. Gilchrist was superb. Second Chance Love was my first taste of writing “rural”. I added a twist of suspense (because I love romantic suspense and had previously written two) and suddenly found myself with a whole new genre I wanted to write.

That experience led to my own series, Hearts of the Outback, which is set in northwest Queensland. I lived and worked in Cloncurry many years ago and had the time of my life. The people I met, the places we went, the things we did were wonderful. And so with this series, I wanted to explore a way of life I respected and enjoyed. I’d love to give a shout-out to my fellow members of CATS (Cloncurry Amateur Theatrical Society). Taking our shows on the road in the back of Stan’s (very clean!) cattle truck was huge fun!

The Flying Doctor had been based in Cloncurry before moving to Mt. Isa, and so I moved the first story (Just One Kiss) to the Isa, and decided it would be the ‘base’ for the series.

Long Way Home (book 3) releases on 30 June. After the way horse whisperer, Sarah Tait, and Detective Caleb Richards met in book two (Heartbreak Homestead), they had to have their story told in book three. Their meeting was the ‘how I met your mother’ variety that will become the stuff of family legend. The horse whisperer’s challenge is an endurance ride through this vast and wonderful country but the physical journey has parallels with her journey to reconcile her past and find a way forward. The catalyst is Detective Caleb Richards, whom she has sworn never to forgive for their meeting and what he did to her family. Caleb understands the one thing Sarah can’t refuse is a horse in trouble but, having gained her assistance, he helps Sarah overcome her secret fear. It turns out that sometimes your enemy is the most trustworthy person of all.
Thank you so much for being my guest this week, Susanne!
Check out Susanne's up coming release, Long Way Home, and the Hearts of the Outback series below
Hearts of the Outback #3

The first time they met Detective Caleb Richards snapped handcuffs on Sarah Tait and she vowed never to forgive him. But when he seeks her help to find a kidnapped thoroughbred stallion she becomes his unwilling assistant. Sarah sets out on a marathon endurance ride. As Caleb tags along, he realises that the horse whisperer has deeper secrets than he’d ever suspected.
Can he uncover Sarah’s secrets and win her trust?


Tabitha’s ears twitched and she whickered softly, drawing Sarah’s attention back to the present. Scanning the ground ahead, she drew the mare to a halt and unclipped her rifle. Dismounting, she eased the rifle from the holder. A willy willy spiralled in a dance of red dust off to her left, and the smell of baked dirt and eucalyptus filled the air.

Treading softly, she eased around an outcrop of red and grey rock. And stared at the man leaning nonchalantly against the trunk of a scrubby tree. 

“You don’t need the gun, Sarah.” Caleb Richards stepped out of filtered shade.

“I thought Tabitha sensed a snake. She's never wrong.” 

Damn the man. How had he known she would take this detour? Even she hadn’t thought of it until the turn off came into view. 

Caleb chuckled but kept an eye on the gun she held across her body. “Your subtle aversion to my choice of meeting place made me reconsider. Well picked. This is much better, more private.” 

“That's not a baobab tree by the way.”

“And this isn't your published route. Reckon we're even on that score.” He ambled towards her, thumbs hooked in the tabs of his low-slung jeans, and followed her around the outcrop until she stopped beside her mare.

She glanced at him before holstering the rifle. Temptation should never be too close at hand. “Go on then. Tell me why you’re plaguing me with your presence.”

Want to read the rest of the series?

Hearts of the Outback #1

Pilot Amy Alistair has been dumped by one good looking man too many, but when the new Flying Doctor, heart throb, Dan Middleton, asks her to be his fake girlfriend, she agrees. Amy is certain she can resist the attraction of this man who holds a secret. 
But is Amy as strong as she thinks she is? Will the truth of Dan’s past tear their love apart?

Hearts of the Outback #2

After her brother’s death, the last thing Lizzy Wilmot wants to do is to return to her family’s property but Alex Carter, his former business partner, needs her help to locate some missing files. Alex doesn't trust Lizzy and the feeling is mutual but when they find themselves back at the homestead in the midst of a bitter custody battle for Lizzy’s baby nephew, sparks begin to fly. Who is trying to harm Lizzy?
Can they both learn that trust will overcome heartbreak?

To win an e-copy of Long Way Home (book 3), tell me the unusual way in which Sarah and Caleb meet. Winner will be chosen at random from commenters.
Entries close July 1st, Midnight EST (2pm AEST).
Born and raised in Toowoomba, Susanne Bellamy is an Australian author of contemporary and suspense romances set in exciting and often exotic locations, and rural romance set in Australia. She adores travel with her husband, both at home and overseas, and weaves stories around the settings and people she encounters. 

Her heroes have to be pretty special to live up to her real life hero. He saved her life then married her. 

Susanne is a member of the RWA and was a finalist in their 2011 Emerald Award. She placed third in the 2015 Pan Macmillan short story competition with Chez Romeo. Mentoring aspiring writers, and working as a freelance editor keeps her off the street! She loves connecting with readers and fellow writers. 

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