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Fixation Friday - Featuring Faye Hall

Hi lovelies! It's Fixation Friday time again. This week we're joined by another Aussie author who loves to write historical stories packed with passion. 
Check out what she has to say in the interview and read an excerpt from her book Shrouded Passions. Enjoy!

Why have you chosen to write erotic romance, in particular?
I love passionate stories with strong story lines and plenty of sensual encounters between the main characters. I couldn’t ever find a book that gave me all of this in one so I decided to try and write one.

What are the qualities you most like to see in a hero?
I like a strong brooding hero, one that the heroine has to draw the emotions out of.

What are the qualities you most like to see in a heroine?
I like non-traditional heroines, strong women who aren’t afraid to break some of the rules.

Is there anything you’d never write into one of your stories?

I don’t tend to do horror.

How has being a published author changed your life?
Nothing much has changed really, other than being a tad more recognised. I live in a small country town so no one really makes a fuss.

Have you ever based a character on a real person?
Yes, many times.

What’s the one book that you’ve read that you’ll always remember and read repeatedly?
My favourite books are romances, however the one book that I will always remember is a very different genre. I read To Kill a Mockingbird at high school and several times since. It is very much my favourite book.

Happy endings—yes or not always?

What’s something that you love to do when you’re not writing?
I love spending time with my husband and our children, either watching a movie or cooking with them in particular.

Tell us something random about yourself.
I have quite a few tattoos.

Huge thank you to Faye Hall for joining us today. Thanks for sharing some insight into your writing life.
And now for some info on Shrouded Passions...

Murder, lies, deception, and love set in the outback under the Australian sun.

A past of stolen gold, lies, and murder joined their families together. It was a past that Devon Munroy and Lotte Higgins knew nothing about. All they knew was the passion they felt for each other. When Lotte is shot and dies in Devon’s arms, his world is destroyed.

Four years later Devon has married the person his father handpicked for him, but he’s still grieving for the woman he lost. He’s a mere shell of the man he once was, his life having become a drunken haze without meaning. Then he meets a woman who reminds him so much of his lost love it makes his heart ache.

Lotte has been in hiding for years, but when more bodies began turning up around town, all brutally murdered, she knows it’s time to bring down the person who tried to kill her. And Lotte knows who is was—the woman Devon is now married to. Changing her looks in order to keep her true identity hidden, Lotte takes a job in their home, hoping to find some proof of the woman’s crimes. But can she resist Devon when she’s so close to him? And when the truth comes out will Devon be able to forgive her deception?

Content Warning: contains sex, strong language, and some violence

Devon’s steps were measured, suddenly fearful what was to become of Lotte and himself. “What are you going to do with us?”

“Whatever I want, my boy.” George smiled evilly at them.

Without warning, Devon lunged at the older man, struggling with him for the weapon. George fought back strongly, until Devon feared he would lose this fight. In desperation, Devon laid his hands on the weapon, struggling to try and knock it free from the other man’s hold.

Suddenly, a loud shot echoed throughout the cottage.

Hearing a scream, Devon turned instantly toward Lotte, a sickening feeling in his gut. Watching her fall to the ground, Devon let go of George and rushed to her, sliding along the floor and catching her just as she was about to hit the floor.

Studying her frantically, Devon prayed to every god he knew that Lotte had just fainted out of fear, but seeing the blood seeping through the fabric of her dress, he knew wasn’t the case.

“Lotte!” he cried, lifting her onto his lap, his hand cradling her face against his chest. “You’ll be fine, honey. It’s just a little nick.”

Lotte didn’t move though.

“Lotte, please!” he cried, tears welling in his eyes as he cradled this woman he loved in his arms. “You need to hang in there, honey. Just a little bit longer and help will be here.”

Just then, loud voices were heard outside the still open cottage door as Jack Munroy and his servant, Andrew Hult, came barging inside.

“What the hell have you done?” Jack roared as he rushed toward his son and the dying girl he was still holding.

“Devon shot her,” George said immediately. “Your son will hang for this, Jack.”

Jack turned to his tearful son. “Did you shoot her?”

Devon looked at his father, desperation filling him as he replayed the events of the evening over again and again in his mind.

“T-there was a s-struggle. The g-gun went off…”

Jack went over to his son, pulling him from the ground. “You have to get out of here!” he yelled, shoving Devon toward the door of the cottage.

Devon fought against his father. “I won’t leave her.” He tried to go back to Lotte’s still form, but Jack stopped him. “Lotte!” Devon screamed, hoping that alone might wake her up.

Lotte still didn’t move.

“Get out of here, Devon!” Jack yelled, dragging him with him. “Now!”

“Let me go, Father!” Devon roared, fighting against the older man’s hold unsuccessfully. “I have to save her. I have to be with her!”

“There is nothing you can do for that girl now, Devon,” Jack said firmly, directing his son through the door of the cottage. Stopping briefly, he turned back to look at his servant. “Get it cleaned up, Andrew. Take the body to the woods.”

“No!” Devon screamed as his father led him away from the cottage and to his own carriage.

Jack threw his son inside the carriage. “Get him out of here!” Jack screamed at the driver.­
Murder, lies, deception, and love set in the outback under the Australian sun.

These are the stories of Faye Hall.

Her passion driven, mystery filled books are set in North Queensland, Australia during the development of the townships at the end of the 19th century.

Each of her novels bring something symbolically Australian to her readers, from Aboriginal herbal remedies, to certain gemstones naturally only found in this part of the world.

Each of her books tell of a passionate connection between the hero and heroine, surrounded and threatened by deceit, scandal, theft and sometimes even murder.

These romances swerve from the traditional romances as Faye aims to give her readers so much more intrigue, whilst also revealing the hidden histories of rural townships of North Queensland.

Faye finds her inspiration from the histories of not only the township she grew up in, but the many surrounding it. She also bases most of her characters on her own ancestors and their adventures when first migrating to Australia.

Faye was able to live her own passion driven romance, marrying the love of her life after a whirlwind romance in 2013. Together they are raising their 9 children in a remote country town in northern Queensland, Australia.

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