Friday, 22 July 2016

Fixation Fridays - Featuring Darcy Delany

Welcome to Fixation Friday. Our guest today is Darcy Delany. She's here to talk about her new release, I Don't Date in December.
And did I mention men in uniform. Yup...
Read on!

What is it about a man in uniform that makes women go weak at the knees? 

Power? Good looks? 

Or is it a sense they can take care of business, anytime, anywhere? It was a combination of these factors, and more, that led me to choose a military man as my hero in my novella I Don’t Date in December.

The story features a strong, successful woman, Blaise Lee, who has trouble finding a man who is just right for her. She’s like a modern-day Goldilocks—without the frilly skirts.

A woman like her needs a man who won’t be threatened by her career or personality. I could have chosen an internet entrepreneur, CEO, politician—but Blaise is a woman who needs more than power—she needs an element of risk. 

A military man has power, and also deals with danger for a living—an attractive combination for my heroine. So my hero, Jonty Lucca, became a military man!

Why make Jonty a member of the Australia Special Air Services Regimen (commonly known as the SAS)? 

The SAS’ activities are mysterious for most everyday people. A mysterious job is intriguing to a woman like Blaise—she needs a man who will keep her interested. She is also a high-achiever, so she respects the discipline and skill required to become a member of the SAS. 

Yin and yang: strong yet vulnerable

Although I wanted a strong hero to match Blaise, he also needed to be sensitive enough to draw out Blaise’s softer side. Jonty’s humour brings out her playful side. Jonty also sees through her ‘I’ve got it all together demeanour’, and disarms her with a combination of a masculinity and soulfulness. It’s just what Blaise needs to lay down her emotional armour and melt into his arms!

There’s a perfect balance between Blaise and Jonty’s characteristics, and the story shows their courtship like a graceful dance. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Someone must take the lead to make a happily ever after a reality—but who will it be? To find out, grab your copy of I Don’t Date in December.

Thanks so much for joining us, Darcy! And now for more about the novella.
Successful Sydney-based consultant Blaise Lee is on the cusp of securing a partnership and a coveted office with harbour views. But it comes at a price. It means she can't date in December. Any time she tries, work interferes and men drift away like the memory of a bad Christmas present. When Blaise is sent on a last minute business trip to Cairns in December, she meets Jonty Lucca. Tall, dark hair, rippling muscles and a smattering of stubble, Jonty is the sort of man she'd date in a heartbeat-if it wasn't December. 

Army Captain Jonty Lucca has just secured a dream job with the Australian SAS. His itinerant army lifestyle has played havoc with his relationships before, so he's not looking for a girlfriend before he posts out to Perth. But when he meets Blaise he falls under the spell of L'incantesimo. The enchantment. And he's not about to let Blaise walk out of his life, regardless of her rule about not dating in December.

Darcy Delany writes contemporary romance, chick lit, science fiction and historical fiction featuring strong, sassy and quirky heroines.

Darcy loves history, fabulous food and old movies. A fan of British home shows, Darcy dreams of one day restoring a Georgian mansion, if she can pay contractors to do all the hard work for her!

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