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Fixation Friday - Featuring JC Harroway

Hi lovelies! I'm back from the Sydney Author Event and here with another Fixation Friday for you. 
This week we have romance with a medical flavour from JC Harroway. JC has done a quick Q&A for you. 

What was the inspiration for your story?

I’d spent months pushing the heroine of Recovery, Sophia, from my head, fearing I couldn’t do her justice, when a local news item on the New Zealand evening news added the spark! A BIG Hollywood name was in town, sadly making the news for negative reasons. But now my curiosity was pricked. Why was he here? What had brought him to the South Island? What was he doing in remote rural NZ? And so Recovery was conceived. The story of a young British doctor, Sophia King— working in the stunning New Zealand town of Queenstown—who is called to treat famous Hollywood heartthrob, Nathan Banks. 

Is it fun, writing stories with medical themes? 

Yes! I have a medical background, so it feels totally intuitive for me, writing medical settings and characters. That said, I also had lots of fun researching the lifestyles of famous actors for Nathan’s character, especially the glamorous luxury of the Queenstown lodge and his hillside Los Angeles home in Loz, Feliz.

Is Recovery part of a series?

No. Recovery is a stand-alone. But…while writing it, I completely loved Jess’ character, the Welsh nurse and Sophia’s friend and flat mate. I felt she deserved her own story, so my second book, coming soon, is a second chance story featuring the fiery redhead.

What do you love about writing romance?

I love reading romance, so writing is just an extension of that passion. In fact it’s fair to say I’m addicted to romance! I think it’s the escapism. Nathan’s life—his work, his jet-setting, the awards ceremonies—it’s a world most of us aren’t likely to experience. But we can get lost in a book, experience another world for a while. And of course there’s the highly addictive endorphin rush of reading, and writing, a happy ending…

What are you currently working on?

I’ve taken on a grittier topic in my current story, still with a medical theme. For sometime, I’ve wanted to tell a story about a character with PTSD. I’ll keep it spoiler free, but I’m enjoying both the challenge of researching topics I know nothing about, and exploring the issues that have arisen between my current hero and heroine.

Recovery, a stand-alone steamy contemporary romance, is published by Escape Publishing and is out now from all e-book retailers.

Thank you so much, JC!
She can’t help but want him. But neither can his millions of fans.

With fame, fortune, looks and charisma, Nathan Banks may have it all. But Dr Sophia King wants nothing to do with him beyond treating him as any other patient.

A family scandal and a childhood of media intrusion have left the reserved doctor fiercely protective of her vulnerable family. But when a photo of Sophia and Nathan together strips away her anonymity and exposes past secrets, she must step into the limelight to protect her loved ones.

Intrigued by the man behind his famous persona, Sophia glimpses a life of fame and glamour she’s never coveted. But Nathan comes with baggage, and the screaming fans, the beautiful leading ladies and ruthless paparazzi are all part of the deal.

How much is Sophia willing to endure to be with the man she loves, and how much is Nathan willing to give up for the woman who has stolen his heart?


Writing is a far cry from the medical career she once had, but it provides an endless source of inspiration to J. C. Harroway. From her home in New Zealand, and inspired by her travels and Welsh roots, she creates stories with strong, independent heroines and the compelling, three-dimensional heroes worthy of them. Recovery is her first novel.
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