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Fixation Friday - Featuring Khloe Wren

Fixation Friday time! This week we have the fantastic Khloe Wren. She's let us into the darker side of writing. The hard stuff and how she deals with it. I can't express how much I appreciate this post. Thank you so much, Khloe!

It’s Okay to Completely Lose Your Shit
As an author you need to shine bright in the world to promote your brand and thereby your books. But it’s nearly impossible to shine bright all the damn time! And you know what? That’s okay. There are days or weeks where you just want to hide in a corner with a book and pretend like the real world isn’t out there. I know I do. I suffer with PTSD and depression. Most days I’m able to slap on my mask, pull my big girl panties up and pretend like my life is in fact all sunshine and roses. Other days however, I just can’t.
As I’ve gotten older (and hopefully a little wiser!) I’ve discovered that it’s okay to not shine bright every damn day. So you got a bad review that you made the mistake to read? Or some idiot hiding behind their keyboard called you nasty names on a day where your skin wasn’t quite as thick as you thought it was? Or maybe your dog ate your slippers when you went away to conference… You’re allowed to go eat a block of chocolate, have a few shots of vodka and cry yourself silly over it. You are human and it’s normal to completely lose your shit on occasion.
Because guess what? None of us are perfect! Bullies don’t stop being bullies in high school, and your thick skin doesn’t in fact need to be leather! Things get to you. They sure as hell get to me! However, I have discovered that if you give yourself permission to lose your shit on occasion and step away from the world (or just social media) for a while (maybe while eating the entire packet of Tim Tams and drinking the whole bottle of wine…) you’ll feel better about all of it and can move forward from it easier. Without giving yourself permission, you end up feeling worse because you’re battling the guilt on top of the crap you had originally! It’s crazy! Why do we do this to ourselves?
I mean sure, if we did this every day our scales certainly wouldn’t be thanking us for it. But if you normally have a good balance of good food and outside activities in your lifestyle: the odd splurge is perfectly healthy. Especially for your mental health!
So give yourself permission to be human. Fall apart. Then put yourself back together, throw away the evidence and shine bright for the world once more!
Khloe Wren

Thanks for the inspiration, Khloe! 
And now for more about Khloe's latest book...
Penny is hunting the firestarter who lit the fire that killed her parents. She’s caught others, but ten months after her parents’ deaths, this one firestarter remains elusive. With a single-mindedness she’ll live to regret, she tracks him to a fireground-where she goes from being the hunter to the hunted.
Marshall, a jaguar shape shifter, has known for years that Penny was destined to be his mate. But he’s always held back from her out of fear his past as an abuse victim would be too much to fight. But then Penny goes missing, and all those fears suddenly seem so stupid. He should have been with her, keeping her protected.
When Marshall turns to Clayton, his adoptive shifter-brother, for help in finding Penny, Clayton reveals secrets Marshall could never have seen coming, and everything changes-for all three of them.

Khloe Wren writes hot steamy paranormal romantic suspense from her home in rural South Australia where she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband and two spirited young daughters.
In the four years Khloe’s been writing she’s published 17 books, including the award winning Dragon Warrior series. She is a hybrid author who is published with Evernight Publishing and is self-publishing her snow leopard shifter series “Fire and Snow”.
Her latest release is “FireStarter”, the second book in her Jaguar Secrets series (which can be read as a stand alone story).

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  1. Thanks for the interview. I loved FireStarter, Khloe is an amazing writer


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