Friday, 23 September 2016

Fixation Friday - Featuring Darcy Delany

Welcome to Fixation Friday. Our guest today is Darcy Delany. She's here to talk about her new release, book 2 in the Modern Day Fairy Tale series, The Go-Between.

What inspired you to write The Go-Between?

The story is a sweet romance loosely based on The Ugly Duckling.

My last Modern Day Fairy Tale novella involved a strong, confident character, so in this story I wanted to explore a character on the opposite end of the spectrum—someone shy who was not living up to their full potential!

I also wanted address two more serious issues. Firstly, bullying, harassment and victimisation is an unfortunate reality for many in their working life. I wanted to bring attention to the issue, and hopefully, inspire anyone going through or having experienced such situations themselves.

Second, I wanted to explore the theme of toxic relationships. The hero, Dean, is in a toxic relationship with Zara, a woman whose behaviour is formed by a troubled past. He wants to help her overcome her past by providing her all the love and attention she missed out on as a child, and giving her financial and emotional security. But it is never enough, and he realises he has sacrificed his own needs for a woman who will never reciprocate and meet his needs. When he meets Amalie, he sees how unacceptable his situation was, and is delighted to find someone who is as generous and kind as he is.

What do you like about these characters?

I like the way Amalie turns her bad experience into a positive—she recognises that there is an opportunity for her in the midst of it.

Dean is every woman’s dream, really: handsome, hard working, considerate. And he can make things. He’s the boy-next-door we all hope to have as a neighbour!:)

Thanks so much for sharing the behind the scenes look, Darcy! And now for more about the short story.

Amalie Duckworth has been harangued by her perfect boss, Natasha, for years. While she dreams of running her own business and wearing a fishtail wedding dress, the pictures symbolising her goals seem destined to grace her ‘Wall of Destiny’ indefinitely.

When Amalie loses her job in a departmental restructure, she’s determined to get her revenge on Natasha by making her dreams come true. Inspired by her own bad break-up experience, she starts a business: The Go-Between Break-Up Facilitator Service.

One dream down, one to go.

Carpenter Dean Lawler is taken for granted by his troubled childhood sweetheart, Zara. He’s in love limbo, caught between his desire to make Zara feel cherished and his own need for emotional fulfilment. But when he catches Zara cheating, it’s the break he needs. He calls Amalie to help send Zara packing, only to find himself entranced by Amalie’s inner and outer beauty.

When Zara returns, Dean is forced to choose. Will he fall for Zara’s damsel in distress routine? Or will he choose true love with Amalie, and make both their dreams of a happily ever after come true?

Darcy Delany writes contemporary romance, chick lit, science fiction and historical fiction featuring strong, sassy and quirky heroines.

Darcy loves history, fabulous food and old movies. A fan of British home shows, Darcy dreams of one day restoring a Georgian mansion, if she can pay contractors to do all the hard work for her!

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