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Fixation Friday - Featuring Dionne Lister

Fixation Friday is here again! This week we have a treat for fantasy lovers. Dionne Lister has answered some of my questions about writing, and we feature her book, Tempering The Rose, book one of the Rose of Nerine series. Book Two, Forging The Rose is due out in December and is part of iBooks AU/NZ 'The Biggest Books of the Year' promotion. 
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You write across a few different genres, but fantasy is your primary focus. What influenced you to write fantasy?

I always enjoyed reading fantasy as a young adult, and even as I got older. I also love dragons and the ultimate escape into another world. I also figured that I could write anything and it wouldn’t be wrong as it’s my made-up world, and I enjoyed that aspect of it.

You also write women’s fiction under the pen name, Eloise March. Will we see more of Eloise in the near future?

I hope so, but I don’t have a lot of readers in the women’s fiction genre, so I’m concentrating on fantasy for now. I did love writing under the pen name as it’s comedy-type stuff, plus I was pushing a lot of writing boundaries with it. I do plan to do more books, but not in the next year at least.

You’ve written suspense in the form of short and flash fiction. Do you have a novel length suspense planned for the future?

I would like to turn a couple of my shorts into novels, as I love writing about dark, twisted people and situations, plus I like keeping the reader guessing till the end. I’m not sure when I’ll do it, but I definitely am going to write a mystery/suspense novel one day.

What is something that a reader will find in your books that they won’t find in others?

Well, my fantasy books have original magic systems that I’m pretty sure you won’t find anywhere else. Other than that, it’s hard. I write descriptively and I’m told my world building is great, but you can find that in other books, of course, and I always like to have a bit of humour in my stories as well.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome so far in your writing career?

Keeping motivated. There are times when I don’t feel like writing, and then the panic sets in because I have a deadline (like at the moment). When you get bad reviews or sales slow down, it’s hard to keep believing in yourself, but you eventually pick yourself back up and keep going.

Who has been the biggest influence behind your writing style?

In terms of the humour combined with seriousness, I’d have to say David Eddings. I do like the more descriptive authors (without wanting to slow the story down too much) but I would say I have my own style. I just keep trying to improve how I write without actually worrying about how anyone else rights.

What’s the worst/ best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

You can improve your writing—you don’t have to be born with a natural talent. It takes a lot of work, of course, but it helped motivate me to improve.

Tell us a bit about your book deals site, Booktastik.

I started Booktastik because even though there are a lot of other book-promotion sites out there, not all of them take a book on it’s real merits. I wanted to have a site where the books were vetted for editing. I believe the authors who make a good effort deserve to be read over authors who slap together some crap and put it out there without putting in any real effort, plus readers deserve to have good quality books to read. Also, it’s hard to get seen as there are so many books out there, and I wanted to help fellow authors sell books.

What are we going to be seeing from you in the next year?

I’ll be releasing the follow-up novel to Tempering the Rose. Forging the Rose is the second book in my adult, dark fantasy series, and it’s due out in December.

Thanks again, Dionne!
Check out the Rose of Nerine series. Book one, Tempering The Rose, is out now. Book two, Forging The Rose will be out this December.

A dark epic fantasy series, where one woman's thirst for revenge will put the entire world in jeopardy. The only thing twenty-one year old Adrastine wants is revenge against her depraved father—but when she tries to kill him, she is caught and thrown into a holy war for a god she doesn’t believe in. But disaster is coming, and all Adrastine’s problems will seem minor by comparison. Someone, or something, is draining the planet’s lifeblood, killing the land and everything on it at an alarming rate.

Jacob is a shelon, a man who can wield magic, and a spy dispatched by Queen Valtice to find The Rose of Nerine – the only one who can stop the rape of the land and save the people. But when Jacob finds Adrastine, he can’t convince her that she is The Rose, let alone to leave her home and journey with him across the tempestuous sea to Nerine.

Adrastine is drawn to Jacob, despite their differences. But that is a dangerous path, as he is an unwelcome distraction to her quest for revenge. And if she learns his secrets, it will cement her hatred of men forever, weakening powers she is only just learning she has, powers needed to save their world.

Dionne Lister is a Sydneysider with a degree in creative writing, two Siamese cats, and is a member of the SFWA. Daydreaming has always been her passion, so writing was a natural progression from staring out the window in primary school, and being an author was a dream she held since childhood. Unfortunately, writing was only a hobby while Dionne worked as a property valuer in Sydney, until her mid-thirties when she returned to study and completed her creative writing degree. Since then, she has indulged her passion for writing while raising two children with her husband. Her books have attracted praise from Apple iBooks and have reached #1 on Amazon and iBooks charts worldwide, frequently occupying top 100 lists in fantasy. Dionne has worked as an editor, has published a YA epic fantasy series called The Circle of Talia, and is currently writing The Rose of Nerine fantasy series. You can find Dionne on her website dionnelisterwriter and other social media.

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